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When plans were announced for the 50th anniversary celebration of Lake Highlands High School, it seemed like the perfect time to officially kick off the Lake Highlands Alumni Association.  “A school should be at least 50 years old to have the alumni numbers to support an association,” says LHHS alumni committee member Robin Moss Norcross.


The LHHS Alumni Association, LHalumni.org, will be the first high school alumni association in RISD.  Long time assistant to the principal, Karen Clardy, who along with countless volunteers have worked hard on the 50th celebration adds, “I am thrilled that there is now an official LHHS Alumni Association!  This is a very special 50th celebration gift to all of our alumni.”  LH alumni committee member Lynn Strawn Davenport adds, “The Class of 1989 Reunion Committee began a year in advance to gather information and find classmates for our 20 year reunion.  An alumni association would have saved us countless hours by providing a central resource for us to use.  With a community as strong as Lake Highlands, we could all benefit from an active alumni association.”

The mission of the alumni association is to assist LHHS in pursuing academic excellence, preserving the school’s heritage and traditions, and developing and maintaining relations between the school and its alumni.

The members of the alumni formation committee are Jon Alspaw(’76), Ethan Everett (’90), Sam Finklea (’82), Sally (Russell) and David Grinsfelder (’70), Susan Chubb Kennedy (’82), Robin Moss Norcross (’74), Brooks Purnell (’74), Lynn Strawn Davenport (’89), and Amy Strawn Moore (’91).


Members of the Lake Highlands Alumni Association will enjoy:

  • Membership in the Official LHHS Alumni Organization
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re contributing to a cause near and dear to your heart
  • The ability to help shape the direction and future of the organization
  • Access to the latest news and information about the school events and reunions
  • Access to directory information for graduates from your class and others
  • A tax write-off (always a good thing!)

We need your help in continuing the mission of the LH Alumni Association as it grows and evolves. 

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