Steering Committee

2022-2023 Wild for Cats Steering Committee

Chairmen – Amy & Chris Darwin
Chairmen-Elect – Mary Hope & Derry Burns
Donor Appreciation – Kelly & Jason Galloway
Fundraising – Mary Hope & Derry Burns
Donor Recognition – Elena & Joe Wurtz
Financial/Disbursements – Jenny Littlefield & Jill DeLaSierra
Fireside Chats – Kerry & Lee Smith, Liz Ryan
Community Events – OPEN
Marketing/Publicity – Anna Bouldin
Committee members – Jennifer Leavell, Stacie Anderson, Noelle Deutscher

LHHS Principal – Kerri Jones
LHHS Staff Representative – Erin Chesal
LHHS PTA Representative – Lindsay Baronoskie
FMJH PTA Representative – Louise Boll
LHJH PTA Representative – Liz Ryan, Alison Zelaya

Questions or want to get involved? Contact the Steering Committee at [email protected]

If you are interested in serving on the Wild for Cats Steering Committee, please fill out the Steering Committee Nomination Form.