Steering Committee

2022-2023 Wild for Cats Steering Committee

Chairmen – Amy & Chris Darwin
Chairmen-Elect – Mary Hope & Derry Burns
Donor Appreciation – Kelly & Jason Galloway
Fundraising – Mary Hope & Derry Burns
Donor Recognition – Elena & Joe Wurtz
Financial/Disbursements – Jenny Littlefield & Jill DeLaSierra
Fireside Chats – Kerry & Lee Smith, Liz Ryan
Community Events – OPEN
Marketing/Publicity – Anna Bouldin
Committee members – Jennifer Leavell, Stacie Anderson, Noelle Deutscher

LHHS Principal – Kerri Jones
LHHS Staff Representative – Erin Chesal
LHHS PTA Representative – Lindsay Baronoskie
FMJH PTA Representative – Louise Boll
LHJH PTA Representative – Liz Ryan, Alison Zelaya

Questions or want to get involved? Contact the Steering Committee at

If you are interested in serving on the Wild for Cats Steering Committee, please fill out the Steering Committee Nomination Form.